JOOM3D.COM is a web-based, user-generated, universally accessible warehouse for storing and dispensing the 3D designs of parts & components for a wide variety of machines and systems based on a patented, infinitely expandable category model.  The site also plays an important educational role by hosting a broad spectrum of videos and courses on topics related to 3D Printing, Scanning and Design.

The long-term goal of the JOOM3D.COM site is to eventually make available to everyone on Earth with an internet connection 3D designs for parts comprising virtually every machine, system or assembly that has ever been built by humanity, ranging from the original Watt steam engines, to commonly used contemporary consumer products, and up to the newest UAVs and SCRAM-Jet engines. 

The content of JOOM3D.COM was built collaboratively by a broad spectrum of users ranging from lay-people with no virtually technology background, to leading 3D design professionals. Many users of the site donate their time, efforts and talents to advancing the art and science of 3D design, scanning and printing.   Anyone with internet access can write and/or make changes to JOOM3D.COM blogs, articles, courses, videos and designs, except in limited cases where editing is restricted to prevent disruption or vandalism. Users can contribute anonymously, under a pseudonym, or, if they choose to, with their real identity.

The fundamental principles by which JOOM3D.COM operates is known as The Eightfold Way (Described Below).  The JOOM3D.COM community of users and contributors has developed many policies and guidelines to assure the smooth development of the Site.  However, it is not a formal requirement to be completely familiar with them before contributing to the Site.

People of all ages, education levels, cultures and backgrounds can upload/download designs, add or edit articles, write blogs, add references, images, videos and other media to the Site.  The quality of what is contributed is more important than the expertise or qualifications of the contributor.  What will remain depends upon whether the content is free of copyright restrictions and contentious material and whether it fits within JOOM3D.COM's policies, including being verifiable against a published reliable source, thereby excluding editors' opinions, beliefs and un-supported research.  All contributions should  advance the long-term goal of the JOOM3D.COM site, which is to act as a universal source for 3D designs for vital parts comprising machines and systems of all types and to act as a comprehensive hub for educational and developmental resources for all aspects of 3D design, printing  and scanning. 

JOOM3D.COM is a dynamic contribution and collaboration site that differs from other 3D sites  in a number of significant ways.  Unlike other sites, JOOM3D.COM is continually in the process of being created, edited and updated by users, with news articles on events in the field of 3D technologies appearing within seconds or minutes, rather than hours or days. Older designs and articles that have been highly rated by users tend to be more comprehensive and balanced; newer designs and contributions may contain misinformation and/or inaccurate content.  Any design or article may contain undetected vandalism. It is up to astute users to report such content so that all site participants can react and marginalize the author(s) of the offensive or defective material.  Awareness of this helps all users to obtain valid and integral information and avoid recently added faulty or dysfunctional designs.